Galatians 2

How long was it before Paul went back to Jerusalem and who did he take with him?

Why did Paul go to Jerusalem?

What did Titus refuse to do?

What does God judge?

Who was Peter the apostle to and who was Paul the apostle to?

What did Peter and Barnabus do that upset Paul?

How are we justified?

What happened to our old self?

Galatians 3

What did Paul call the Galatians?

What was the incorrect Galatian belief?

What promise was given to Abraham that included the Gentiles?

What Old Testament book says, "The just shall live by faith"?

How many years after the promise to Abraham did the law come into being?

What was the purpose of the law?

The world is imprisoned by what?

The law was put in charge to do what?

How do we become "sons and daughters of God"?